無爲 Mu-wi Sejak: A Rare Korean Nokcha

無爲 Mu-wi Sejak: A Rare Korean Nokcha This post, originally from 2013 is slightly revised. It reintroduces an amazing tea from Dong Cheon Tea, 無爲 Mu-Wi Sejak (Moo-Wee). Perhaps you have tried it. If so, I'm sure you will again. In any case - this is Muwi-Sejak - its no ordinary tea.  The Korean government set aside several official categories for their green teas or Nokcha. These include Woojeon -First Flush, Gukwoo - a Gukwoo Day tea, aka Gogucha, Sejak - Second Flush, Jungjak - Third Flush, Daejak - Forth Flush, Yeopcha - a Summer tea, aka Yipcha. You probably guessed that Mu-Wi Sejak is a Gogucha. They are quite rare.  A Korean tea connoisseur told me she had never heard of it until she found it listed. We are the only Korean tea source she knows who offers it. We do, and not just one but from two different producers Dong Cheon and SOA who use two different Korean production processes. Both are excellent teas. but produced differently*. For this post, I'm only looking  at Do

Nokcha Simplified

Nokcha, Korea's Green Tea, Simplified   Well here we go, down the rabbit hole in an attempt to explain as simply as possible the green teas or Nokcha we offer at Morning Crane Tea.  A rabbit hole because you never know where it will lead. But in this case I'll try to avoid that trap and keep it simple. Did you think that rabbit hole was in the image above? Well in a way it is. Those small bushes are wild tea growing on a rugged hillside near Hadong, Korea. If you look very closely, you will see a few small short white posts placed near these bushes. They are traps for insects as no pesticides are used and no fertilizer.  Yes, they are organically grown as are all the teas we offer. In addition, after more than 1000 years all of our teas are from authentic Korean cultivars.  But I'm beginning to digress. I created this post just to explain simply the Nokcha or green tea produced in Korea.    Korean Green Tea Types Korean green teas ar

TeaBuy Korea Simplified

  TeaBuy Korea 2022 or 4355 Simplified   Based on Korea's Dangun Calendar   Very Important Note:   You will find Instructions for Ordering and Paying after viewing all teas. As always, we will be happy to try to answer any questions you may have about our teas and their producers. Each of these teas are from deep-rooted organically grown leaves and can take the heat. That includes our green teas. Thanks for being a member of our Morning Crane Tea Family . You really did miss some exciting news on our main post. HERE is the link if you want to go back.     Following are the teas we offer. Note prices Do Not include shipping costs. *   Cooperative Producers Dong Cheon Tea (DC) Ha Il-Nam Dong Cheon Tea (DC)   (Jeongcha Style Green) Dong Cheon green teas are different from nearly all of our other green tea offerings. These teas are produced Jeongcha Style i.e. first plunged into boiling water before pan-roasting.  Dong Cheon Tea is the first company whose te