Brewing Korean Green Tea and Ddeokcha

Brewing Korean Green Tea and Ddeokcha I have been asked to reveal my way of brewing Korean green teas, particularly Sejak, and also how to brew the ancient, but still relatively new to the Western market, Korean tea - Ddeokcha. I usually don’t offer suggestions for brewing, as most of my clients are tea enthusiasts and don’t need advice. However, these wild and semi wild organically grown deep-rooted Korean teas are a little different, and ddeokcha is relatively new to the Western market. The big thing to remember about Korean green tea is to infuse it for seconds not minutes. That last comment is also the basic crux of what Brother Anthony co-author of The Korean Way of Tea has suggested. He, like me, is very hesitant to make brewing recommendations. Brother Anthony’s other suggestion is simply that we should not be shy about the heat. These hand pickled and hand processed organically grown leaves from older deep rooted plants can take the heat - yes, even the green teas. The tea master K…

Welcome to TeaBuy Korea: Expanding Who We Are

TeaBuy KoreaTM For the last several years Morning Crane Tea has been offering what we call TeaBuy Korea events in an effort to give you our clients the opportunity to taste what we believe are some of the best teas made in Korea. To that end and in the hope that the terms TeaBuy Korea will bring more clients to our site that the terms Morning Crane Tea,  Morning Crane Tea has just given birth to a new blog Morning Crane Tea will still hold 1 to 4 TeaBuys each year under , TeaBuy Korea is now becoming its own wing of Morning Earth Korea. Why are we doing this?First, we at Morning Earth Korea were among the first to introduce special artisan and temple Korean teas to the Western Market. Second, the title of our company Morning Crane Tea is ambiguous as it doesn’t speak enough of Korea. When one searches for "Buy Korean tea", Morning Crane Tea is difficult to find.  That is why Morning Crane Tea now has a sibling - TeaBuy Korea.  We hope TeaBuy Korea will be more recognizable, mo…

TeaBuy Korea 2019

Morning Crane Tea's
TeaBuyTM Korea 2019
Morning Crane Tea is proud to offer this selection of some amazing teas by exceptional producers. In this selection you will find both Jeong-cha and Tteokeum-cha style green teas, a wonderful variety of balhyochas including hwangcha and hongcha as well as Korean ttokcha. We will be happy to try to answer any questions you may have about our teas and their producers. We do not post precise brewing suggestions beyond this. Keep your green tea brewing temperatures low between 140F - 60C and 159F - 70C. Keep those brewing times quick with second infusion much quicker. That said, these teas are all from deep-rooted organically grown leaves and can take the heat. While I will no longer make my brewing suggestions, I encourage you to send me your brewing suggestions and comments on our teas.Thanks for being a member of the Morning Crane Tea Family.
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