About Us at TeaBuy Korea: A New Adventure

What is TeaBuy Korea? Did you know that TeaBuy Korea is a new adventure into Korean tea? Sure, TeaBuy Korea looks and even tastes like Morning Crane Tea, but Morning Crane Tea’s focus is on education and TeaBuy Korea’s primary goal is to make quality Korean teas available to a much wider world audience. Note two words, ‘quality’ and ‘world’ for what we are trying to do. The word "profit" is not one of them. 
When I began offering teas there were few Korean teas available outside of Korea. The reason for this, they said, was that Koreans consumed nearly all the teas they produced. My goal then was simply to try to promote Korean culture through its tea, ceramics and cultural tours to Korea. I knew that if I were to promote Korea in a positive manner, I had to offer quality teas. That is why all the teas we offer are of the finest quality – organically grown and endorsed by Korean tea connoisseurs as well as us. That is also why international tea connoisseurs and those of you wh…

TeaBuy Korea 2018

TeaBuy Korea 2018 Pure and Simple

April 21, 2018: The Woojeon in Korea is now picked. Gukwoo was picked April 20 and they are picking Sejak now. The picking and processing will continue well into May and in a few cases June.So that we can reserve for you the best and freshest teas Korea has to offer, please contact us now.
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Cooperative Tea

Ha Il-Nam Dong Cheon Tea (Jeongcha Style Green)
This green tea is different from all my other green tea offerings. It is produced Jeongcha Style or first plunged into boiling water before pan-roasting.  Dong Cheon Tea is the first company whose tea I offered. I know that it is the choice tea company of some of the Buddhist temples near Seoul and highly respected by Korean tea masters who have told me I made a wise choice. This is handpicked and organically grown tea from deep rooted bushes. A German client wrote a great email about this tea company. In it he said that he had tried many Korean teas but that Dong Che…

TeaBuy Korea 2018 : Into the Mist and Our Offerings

TeaBuy Korea is a project of Morning Crane Tea A Tea Producer's Tale:
This Korean winter has been quite cold and harsh. As I have done for many years for my grandmother, now as owner, it remains my responsibility to tend to the leaves. On this early April morning there is a calm in the cold crisp air. The light has not yet begun to break over the ridge of the mountain. I select a warm jacket and step outside.  It is still quite dark and the mist is so thick I wonder if the light will ever break through. I have met this mist before as it has greeted me on many of these early April mornings before the first pick.  "How far will I be able to see this morning?", I wonder. The path to the tea field can be steep and treacherous. I also know this mountain well and have climbed it many times in the early morning like this. Today the trip is not to pick the leaves but simply to walk among them to inspect the damages of winter and access the work that needs to be done before the pic…